Terrarium TV App Downloads For Android For Free Video Streaming | (Latest 1.9.1 APK)

Last updated: April 15, 2019 at 18:11 pm

Terrarium TV is the android application that is making quite the buzz in online entertainment industry. Watching movies or Tv shows is among the best entertainment options available to all, and apps like Terrarium Tv makes it simple. This app has gained huge popularity among fans due to its amazing features which keeps getting updated regularly.

   Download Terrarium TV For Windows

Terrarium TV is a new movie streaming app which allows you to stream, watch and download movies and TV Shows (in HD) for free. You can install it on your smartphones having Android version 4.0.1 or above. You can watch your popular Movies and TV shows with subtitles. I have successfully downloaded the app using the APK file given below. The app is going viral, you can see the response of the app on the subreddit of Terrarium TV.

Terrarium has direct competition with apps like ShowBox, CinemaBox, PlayBox and SnapTube. I no commas have been using ShowBox for quite some time but i have to say that Terrarium TV way better than ShowBox. I have pointed out some features below which makes it better than ShowBox.

Why It’s better than ShowBox

  • Allows you to watch FULL HD Movies in 1080px (Unlike ShowBox which only allows 720px)
  • In-built MX Player Support
  • Download Movies and Watch them whenever you want (offline)
  • Supports Putlocker and other 12 providers.
  • Awesome UI
  • Full Support for Chromecast

Note – It is currently not available for iOS.

Terrarium Tv

Terrarium TV APK Download

Coming to download procedure, it’s easy. You just need to Download Terrarium TV APK file and follow the instruction given below.

Note: you can download and use TarrariumTV for your wndows pc if you want to enjoy movies and tv shows on big screen. Also, you can consider another movie streaming app called “ShowBox” which is an alternative of it.

Link  – Click here to Download Latest Terrarium TV APK

Terrarium TV is not added to Google Play Store. So beware while downloading the Terrarium TV APK/IPA files from third party sources, because it can harm your device by causing malware or virus infections.

How to Download Terrarium TV for Android

Step 1: – Download Terrarium APK file from here.

Step 2: – Once Downloaded, head over to Settings> Security>Unknown Source.

Step 3 – Turn it ON and es APK File.

Step 4 – tap it and the installation should start.

Name Of Application Terrarium TV
Type Of App Video streaming, Entertainment, Fun
Published By NitroXenon (Peter Chan)
Official URL  http://terrarium-tv.com
Supported Operating System Android, Windows Pc
Date Published July 10, 2018
Current Version 1.9.1
Previous Version 1.9.0
Download File Size 22.5 MB
Package Name com.nitroxenon.terrarium
Features Stream Movies And TV shows In HD
Minimum Requirement Android 4.0+
File Size 22.5 MB


watch unlimited movies
watch unlimited movies
watch unlimited movies

How to Stream Terrarium TV to ChromeCast

It is fully compatible with ChromeCast. Follow the steps given below and you’ll be able to stream movies to chromecast without any problem.

  1. First of all, Install AllCast  or LocalCast.
  2. Choose the option “Play Via Other Video Players”..
  3. Finally, select AllCast or LocalCast  to cast the movies or TV shows to your screen.

Showbox for PC / Windows 10, 8, 7 Without Bluestacks – Download

Note – The App is currently not available for iOS.

Watch the exciting features of this amazing video streaming app

Terrarium TV – Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Movies takes a lot time to open, It keeps loading on a Blank screen.

The issue has been rectified in the latest APKs. Try using it and Comment your result. If the problem persists, you may want to disable ad blockers (they can be responsible for displaying blank screens), or try again at another time when the particular server you’re trying to access isn’t as loaded.

Q2. Is terrarium Tv available for IOS devices ? 

No, Terrarium Tv is now available only for Android devices, There seem to be no plans for an iOS application any time soon. There are still ways to use the app on non-Android devices mentioned in sections of this website.

Note – It is currently not available for iOS.

Q3. Subtitles are not syncing with the movie.

Subtitles not loading is a problem that most often has to do with the subtitle provider you’re using, or even the subtitle file you’re using. Try changing providers in the settings. Settings are available in the menu on either side of the screen.

Q4. Watching movies on Terrarium Tv is Legal ? 

Terrarium TV doesn’t host movies or TV shows, which means there is no indulgence in piracy. The app merely provides you with access to links to the content posted by other people and websites. If you think your content is being pirated on the internet, contact the websites and providers directly by leaving a message on their website or other means. The details of the sources are accessible in the links named in the app itself, to make things easier for you.

O5. How to contact the developer of this app ?

Developers are really accessible to everyone through the app’s dedicated subreddit. The developer and his team of mods are pretty responsive and quick to reply to queries, and the vibrant community might make it easier for you to find an answer to your queries as well.

Terrarium Tv upcoming Features

Terrarium tv is known for its new updates in the features and ever developing. Following are some of the upcoming features that you can expect in our Next Updates.

    • Upvoting and downvoting sources to make it easier for other users in the community to know which ones they should check out and which ones will merely waste their time.
    • Fewer Ads, especially when the link doesn’t play or you’ve already seen one after opening a source in the same content’s list.
  • AutoPlay, for binge watchers.

Suggest us what more features you want us to add in the app, through the comments section.

Terrarium TV User Tips and Tricks

With the arrival of Terrarium TV version 1.9.2, there’s quite a lot your app is now capable of doing. Here are some cool tips and tricks to try out and see how much better you can make your movie streaming experience.

    • New updated method of favoriting movies and TV shows:

      Since Terrarium TV version 1.6.3, the app has modified the method of favoriting movies. Many who used to tap the star button to add the content to the favorite list assume the feature has been removed since the star is no longer on the top bar. But you can still access favorites, and indeed add content to the list. Simply tap the menu button on the top right, in the bar. You should see favoriting as an option in the same menu.
    • Find out if a movie is worth you investing time watching:

      When you open a movie to its page on Terrarium TV, you’ll find an IMDb icon on the top bar. Tap it and you’ll be taken straight to the movie’s page on the database. IMDb, if you don’t know, is a huge database of movies from all corners of the world, containing detailed information about the movie. But what it’s known for most is its rating system. The algorithm is famed to be very accurate at calculating how enjoyable the movie is going to be to audiences.
  • Watch UHD movies using Terrarium TV app on your device

    That’s right, Terrarium TV can now get you 4K movies as well. As many of us have grudged Netflix for, we know 4K streaming can consume quite a bit on data while demanding a lightning quick internet connection. And that’s not always possible to have. Luckily, since Terrarium TV also allows you to download movies, you can get your 4k movies downloaded while you’re busy doing old stuff, and then watch them in all their detail when you’re free.

Bugs Fixed in Recent Updates

There are a lot of errors that surface in any app. Terrarium TV has been prompt in addressing them and especially so in the past few versions. With the app more stable and efficient than ever before, and the most competitive option in the market for online streaming, let’s look at some of the most recent updates and how they’ve impacted the app’s performance.

Faster Links Now Available:

Between Versions 1.6.3 and 1.8.2, there were a lot of complaints about links taking too long to open. Then, a lot of GoogleVideo links (known to be the fastest of the lot) disappeared. What was left was a motley on average to slow-loading links that showed up each time you pressed play. None of that anymore. Googlevideo links are back with a bang, along with a more pro-active warning that comes with each slow link indicating it to be that way.

Note: If you’re using TTV and don’t know which link to turn to, prefer Googlevideo, Gorillavid or other established service, or one that is smaller in size (size is often displayed right next to the link, or when you resolve it).

More categories to sort content:

There are a lot of new content categories to get to your kind of entertainment faster. The most recent and most notable and unique categories are Disney Classics, YouTube Red content, Oscar Winners, Christmas movies, Marvel Movies, TV Shows from Hulu, Amazon, Netflix and other popular providers, and others. There’s something for everyone now.

Internal Player issues fixed:

Following MX Player including ads in its own app to get people to buy MX Player Pro, things went a little out on hand when Terrarium TV and MX Player ads effectively clogged up peoples’ TV show episodes and took the fun right out of online entertainment. TTV solved it by introducing support for a new player called ExoPlayer. However, users discovered the new player didn’t work that well for many of them. ExoPlayer was replaced by YesPlayer, which remains well reviewed several updates later. TTV itself supports 4 players now;MX Player, VLC, Exo and Yes Player.

Number of ads decreased

There are fewer ads you will see after a past update introduced a different criteria regarding when a user gets to see one and when not. The highlight of the system is that if you quit from a playing link, you will see an ad on quitting, but if you play a different link from the same list, you are less likely to see one. This is very helpful if someone ends up opening a bad link in their first attempt; you won’t have to see a second or third ad each time you open a link for the same movie or episode. Cool, isn’t it?

Expected in Future Updates

Future updates promise much more to be added to the app. Here are a few suggestions that the user community has offered, that I’m sure the developer would consider to add in future versions.

  • Sorting by actor, director, time and other criteria has been requested over and over, for quite a while now. The process makes it easy for everyone to find sequels, film careers and more.
  • User ratings to links to help subsequent viewers and visitors open the best link and avoid broken ones.
  • The ability to disable ads by buying a Pro version or a subscription. TTV already saves you a world on money, so many users have said they don’t mind paying a small fee for it if it makes the service even better for them.
  • Autoplaying has also been requested, and it should serve binge watchers well. Ads can always be snuck in.
  • Music streaming, just like video content, to make TTV the one-stop solution for entertainment of all kinds.

Commonly Reported Problems and bugs, and their solutions

Why won’t Chromecast work?

Not all links play with all casting apps, devices or drivers. The easiest solution that gets content playing on Chromecast is switching links one is trying to access. You can also just as easily switch the app you’re trying to use, AllCast and Localcast are only two of the many casting apps one can try. The other solution is to check WiFi speed, since a slow network can make the content take very long to load to your big screen. Make sure your devices are within WiFi range.

I have received a notice from my ISP. Is it because of Terrarium TV?

It is highly unlikely (and I mean virtually zero likelihood) that TTV inspired your ISP to send you a notice. Objections usually pertain only to torrenting content, and TTV has no Torrent links whatsoever. Local laws and your ISP’s attitude may differ, but TTV is no cause of concern, since it is neither hosting content illegally, nor is it torrenting it for you. Nevertheless, if you’re worried, you may use a VPN to change the IP address.


Hope you loved learning about Terrarium TV APK App. If you are a hardcore hollywood lover then this app is made for you, The frequent release of new updates is the strength of this app, it makes the app more powerful in terms of performance. And the owner of the app is very accessible through their subreddit, and he’s one with whom you can share your complaints with the app and get solutions for problems. So evaluating these points, it really makes us feel that terrarium tv is better than Showbox.

What can you do with terrarium TV?

With the app, you can watch hundreds of movies in different languages and genres like comedy, horror and action for no cost at all. All you need is to download the app on your favorite device – PC, Kodi, Kindle fire or android. You can download the app from google.com and start enjoying the free entertainment you wish to.