How To Download Music Free Online

There’s a wide span of choices to get your musical kicks online, but you might be concerned about quality, price and the best choices. Getting music online has become a lot easier than the yesteryear hijinks of radios and cassette tapes. Here’s how you could get moving to the beats from some useful internet sources.

Method 1: Using Online Converters

The converter that’s chosen for downloading your song or tune depends on the website where its hosted. While all music videos can be found on Youtube or Vimeo, we’ll cover some other web sources as well.

Step 1:- Find any suitable links for converters like Y2Mate or Vimeo Downloader

Step 2:- Fill in the youtube link for the concerned video and select the particular file format that seems best. Note that converters online allow for either the video to be downloaded or just the audio as well.

Step 3:- Select the download folder for the file and select save.

Method 2: Using Soundcloud


Soundcloud is becoming a repository for music faster than most other online websites and streaming sites. While the main website has a 30-day free trial, users can use its subsidiary to get free music.

Step 1:- Access the SoundCloud link that you want to listen to. Ensure that the author has provided download rights for people to use. Click on the share button and find the link.

Step 2:-Copy the link and paste it in the scdownload website.

Step 3:- Click on download and select the folder for the file to be saved.

Step 4:- Take note that the files you download can be saved in the mp3 format alone. For converting them, using a converter is recommended.

Method 3: Using Free Music Downloader

Free Music Downloader is a popular software for downloading music videos, primarily from Youtube and Vimeo. It can be installed mainly on Windows OS systems and requires emulators for MAC OSX.

Step 1:-Download the software and install all the pre-requisites.

Step 2:- Specify the main file format and quality of download. During the setup phase, you can specify these settings by changing the custom features.

Step 3:- Copy the link for the video from any of the websites. Paste the links in the download bar. Be mindful of spaces and gaps.

Step 4:- Click on the folder directory for the downloaded videos and click on Download/Import.

Step 5:-Alternatively, you can use the search bar to look for the video that has the song and use it to download straight from the main window.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Is The Best Way To Import Music Files To Other Devices?

Mobile devices at best would usually cater to lovers with software to store and listen to music. For Apple device users, this may not be possible. The solution is to use a third party app to do so or store them on messaging systems.

2. What are Creative Commons? Do I need to pay for it?

Creative Commons is a copyrighted format that allows certain forms of redistribution of the songs as long as royalties are paid or the artist is referenced wherever the music is used. For listening purposes as well, some music websites like Guvera and Saavn can charge a price.

But the price is charged if you choose to use the music on the apps specifically. Otherwise, a simple download should suffice.

3. What are good emulators for other operating systems?

 BlueStacks and NoxPlayer are great emulators, not just for playing games but downloading the tracks as well. Be cautious about the file format changes that can occur when using music files online and when converting them for iOS or Android systems.

4. How can I sample tracks instead of downloading it completely?

Music samples can be downloaded from 4K Downloader as well as online converters by specifying the software which sections of the music video to cut and store.

4K Downloader can even allow for multiple cuts over different parts of the same video.

5. Can playlists be imported without repeated downloads?

If you’re afraid of losing all your music files or just irritated by downloading them every time on a new device, then use the vlc media playlist to store the cache files for the downloads. This way, you’ll be able to reuse the files even if the originals are lost or damaged.

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