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Over the past decade, entertainment broadcasting has taken a significant hike. Now, there are a large number of platforms available to watch movies, TV shows, sporting events, etc.  However, not a lot of these platforms allow on demand broadcasting as per the user’s requests.

The most common platform in this area is the TV channels today. Although the channels on your TV broadcast legitimate events which are useful for most, they are unable to satisfy everyone. On the other hand however, streaming applications on the Android and iOS platforms provide a large library of movies and TV shows to stream live. Some of these apps also allow their users to download their preferred movie or TV show title on their devices to watch later. One such app is the Terrarium TV App.

terrarium tv alternatives

Terrarium TV Alternatives

Although Terrarium TV is regarded as one of the best in the movie streaming genre by its users, some people still look for alternatives. This usually due to the ads appearing on the Terrarium TV APK App, unavailability of casting or just in case the app shuts down (which is very unlikely in the next  5 years).Therefore, we have come up with a list of the best alternatives for Terrarium TV. Here they are.

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  • Showbox



Just like Terrarium TV, Showbox is an application for iOS and Android devices which allows its users to stream or download movie/TV show titles. Showbox also comes with Chromecast which allows its users to connect the app with their monitor or Smart TV to watch the in app clips on a bigger screen. Showbox is also unavailable on the official Play Stores. Therefore, you will have to stick to third party downloading methods to get the app.


  • Crackle



Crackle is another alternative to Terrarium TV. It provides a similar amount of movie and TV show content as Terrarium TV and also has a downloading feature along with its mainstream streaming abilities. However, most of the video content on Crackle is not available in Full HD. Therefore, the users must compromise with quality sometimes while using the app.


  • Popcorn Time

popcorn time


Due to it being a BitTorrent client, Popcorn Time was initially dubbed as the “Netfilix for Pirates”. It is another streaming application for iOS and Android devices which comes with a large library of Torrent movie and TV show content. Although the content on Torrent websites is usually seen as illegal, Popcorn Time is completely safe to use.


  • Viewster



Viewster is possibly the most unique alternative for Terrarium TV. Similar to Terrarium TV, it also contains a large collection of Hollywood (primarily) movies and TV shows from the USA and
Europe to stream and download. However, what makes Viewster unique is the fact that it also provides a large library of Japanese animes to its users.

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Terrarium TV is possibly the best movie and TV show streaming application available for Android and iOS devices right now. However, there are a few users who like to be in the know of the alternatives to choose for the best option out there. This also helps in switching between apps if one does not work properly. Therefore, we studied a few alternatives to Terrarium TV in the context above.


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