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Latest Version 

Terrarium TV 1.9.1

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Terrarium TV 1.9.0

Terrarium is the latest app that can help you watch your favorite TV shows and movies online for free. The app is light and easy to use, plus it contains all your favorite TV shows and movies. The content is available in HD prints as well as in lighter, SD prints.

   Download Terrarium TV For Windows

Stream, watch online or download your content with Terrarium TV app.

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To run Terrarium TV app, the requirements are as follows:

  • Your Android device must be version 4.0.1 or above
  • MX Player VLC Player, EXO Player or other supported media players (your streaming is configured automatically over this app, which saves you time and effort)
  • An internet connection. A fast connection is preferable if you want to stream the HQ video content without any interruptions.

Terrarium TV APK for Android: Features:

Terrarium TV has a lot of salient features. Let us mention some of them.

  • Terrarium TV has a huge library with almost every TV show and movie you would want to watch.
  • The files hosted are labeled with the quality of videos they boast. Know beforehand if your video is SD, HD or a CAM print.
  • Subtitles are supported, and that too in multiple languages. The subtitles supplied are from four separate subtitle providers, including OpenSubtitles, Makedie, SubHD and Zimuku.
  • The app is very customisable. You can change the default download managers for videos, manage download path, modify the default landing page as per your convenience, toggle filters for content in foreign languages, dead sources, unaired seasons or episodes and much more.
  • Multiple genres to choose your favorite content from, including Romance, Drama, Comedy, Animation, Documentary, War, History, Crime and other hard to find genres.
  • Bookmarking is enabled, helping you keep track of your favorite TV shows or save movie titles to watch later.
  • There is support for Trakt which helps you keep a record of the episodes and TV shows you’ve seen and the ones you’re yet to, to make it easier to get back to your show after a long time. No need to remember the episode you last watched.

To add to all of this awesomeness, Terrarium TV is regularly updated with more content as and when it is available, so you get to enjoy your favorite TV shows and movies even on fire stick as soon as possible. And if you are specifically Anime Fan, try using Cartoon HD APK on your smartphone.

Also check out – Showbox App, the biggest competitor till date in the movie streaming industry.

Speculation and suggestions have been made for upcoming features. We’re not sure when these can be expected, or if they shall be included in the app at all, but here are the most demanded features or aspects for Terrarium TV app.

  1. People have been requesting a Chrome Extension for the app, so it becomes easy to get Terrarium TV app running on Windows PC without adding it to an Emulator. The app can be used now using a Virtual Machine as well which can make things easier and provide a much more competent interface to the app’s users.
  2. Remote control navigation has been suggested as well, though it would not be pragmatic for the developers to focus on these aspects at the moment.
  3. Local languages were added two months after the app got popular. More languages aren’t expected anytime soon since the major ones are already covered, but you may be able to recommend changes to any incorrect words or phrasing in the app.

Update: Some people are reporting getting a DMCA notice for using the app. There is virtually zero likelihood that using TTV caused the problem, since there are NO torrents involved anywhere. Regardless, the problem may arise if your network is being used outside of your knowledge to torrent content, or if you use a different app that downloads content through torrent. Local laws may have something to do with it too, as may your ISP’s predisposition. To be on the safe side, using a VPN is recommended.

Old Version

Version 1.9.0

Version 1.8.9

Version 1.8.8

Version 1.8.7

Version 1.8.6

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