Your TV will soon be obsolete, thanks to Terrarium TV

TV has faced threats before. It was believed that YouTube would make TVs into white elephants. It didn’t happen. They thought services like Netflix would outperform TV channels and shut the idiot box up for good. As much effort Netflix might have put into original content, that is yet to happen. But Terrarium TV is different. And it just might complete the mission the other two set out to accomplish.

Terrarium Tv

Why YouTube and Netflix failed

The trouble with YouTube has always been that it is free for everyone to use and abuse. Even though everyone having access to upload content  and stream it for free has led to a ton of content available spanning every genre ever invented, there’s far too much substandard content on there too. And it’s not video content that is unappealing that sours things.

YouTube’s content suggestion algorithm can be off by quite a lot. The fact that it keeps records of everything you watch and can bring it up when you’re in using your account with someone in company can lead to embarrassment.

Netflix on the other hand makes sure there is only quality content (or stuff that’s really popular) available on the website. But there is only so much variety you can find on the app. There is hardly any regional content, and older series and movies are only a once in a blue moon deal. Netflix also comes at a subscription fee that’s pretty high compared to a lot of its competitors.

YouTube lacks in quality content even though it is free. Netflix is steeply priced and missing in variety, even though there is entertaining and unique content available in plenty. It isn’t hard to see why the two failed to eliminate the popular option of the TV.

Terrarium TV; The cord cutters’ savior

People have despised the hypercommercialised culture of TV channels for long. The ads are too many despite the fact that you pay for the channels you watch. The content is predictible and even insipid, not warranting you pay the steep price it asks for. Also, with smartphones, living room cultures have taken a beating, and so has the TV which formed the core of the living room for many.

There is a generation of people who have now chosen to get their entertainment from their smartphones instead of the giant TV screen. They always have their smartphones in hand, and downloads are easy and cheap. After having scoured for a good app to satisfy their craving for content (many good ones shut down within months), it seems Terrarium TV might be the answer.

The app is replete with TV shows, movies, documentaries and a lot of other content, which is a lot more than any of its competitors have. It is easy to find the oldest movies as well as the latest ones. The content library is regularly updated to show the latest episodes and the choicest links to content as well.

To say that Terrarium TV is free would be wrong, however. The app may not charge you, but it certainly has an ad that plays every time you’re done watching a movie or some other video content. There are no ads other than that.

The battle is far from won for the app. If Terrarium TV apk wants to get bigger to overtake TVs and common services like YouTube and Netflix, it’ll have to pay a lot more attention to how quickly it can operate in the average smartphone, and how buffering can be accelerated. TV has occupied the centre of the urban household for quite a few decades now. Dethroning it won’t be easy. But Terrarium TV is the one most capable of doing it.


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